Condair RO-A

Virtually eliminates scale build-up in Condair steam humidifiers

The Condair RO-A is optimized for use with resistive humidifiers e.g. our Condair RS, or with gas fired steam humidifiers, like our Condair GS.

It will remove the majority of minerals from a humidifier's supply water and virtually eliminate limescale build-up within the boiling chamber. This not only simplifies maintenance but also improves humidity control and energy consumption. Hot water does not need to be drained occasionally to combat high mineral concentrations within the humidifier so the steam output is much more consistent.

A Condair RS resistive steam humidifier operating with a Condair RO-A, is capable of providing humidity control to +/-1%RH.

The water treatment system can be controlled via a Condair humidifier's control panel, if used in combination with one, or via its own stand alone controller. It's control panel has the latest touch screen technology and can also connect to a building management system.

Features & benefits

  • Ideal in combination with Condair isothermal humidifiers to reduce scale and maintenance
  • Condair RO systems can be controlled directly from the humidifiers control panel
  • Stand alone version also available

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